Community Playgrounds is the longest-running playground equipment installers in California.




  • Certified Triax 2010 Surface Impact Testing for all playground surfaces



  • Playground Equipment Installers deliver high quality and finishes to all clients play area construction projects awarded
  • Insured for Workman’s Comp, Auto and General Liability, Fully bonded


Established in 1977 ~ Community Playgrounds is known for its innovative design-build projects and safe playground construction practices. Our playground equipment installers have completed over 15,000 playground installations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, CA.


To meet our commercial playground client’s needs – first and foremost, we work directly with distributors and vendors selling the safest playground products. Second, we use only our playground equipment installers for all our playground installation projects. By doing so, we are in control of quality assurance.


Clients who use our wide variety of play area construction services are small businesses and large organizations and include:



• Municipalities

• Public and Private Recreation Parks

• Property Management 

Child Care Centers

• Sports and Fitness Centers

• Libraries and Community Centers

• Homeowners Associations

• Multi-family Housing

• Apartment Complexes

• Churches

• Military Bases

We believe no two playground installations are the same.


No matter the project size or the client, our project management approach never wavers: priority is to help clients bring their play areas and playground equipment to the next level.


Communication is vital from the start, so nothing gets overlooked, and we are inline to meet the client’s expectations for their playground project’s goals: 


✓  Play Area Safety Improvements; Surface Safe Materials

✓  Bollards and  Fences

✓  ADA Accessible Playground

✓  Increase Play Value – Learning and Mobility

✓  Remove Dated Play Equipment

✓  Installation of Playground Products for Ease of Use Children

✓  Installing Play Equipment for Children with Disabilities

✓  Ease of Access for Staff



Most clients have different visions with particular playground equipment products they want, but they are unsure where to begin. Therefore, it’s our project managers and their team of playground equipment installers job to design-build solutions for the client’s project. 


As playground equipment installers our mission is to promote quality and safety in play area construction.

All of us at Community Playgrounds are dedicated to providing children with creative, interactive, and safe playset environments.