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Playground Relocation

Playground Relocation is a service provided by Community Playground

Playground Relocation

Playground relocation is not a service usually provided by playground builders. Community Playgrounds is one of the few San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles playground equipment installers to offer this service. A playground is a large investment for any organization. If your business moves it is well worth it to take your playground equipment with you. Especially if you own a daycare center. To relocate your play area and equipment is a big job. It’s much more difficult than installing a new playground from scratch. 


Service Includes:  


✓ Documenting and inventory of all playground equipment and parts

✓ Assessing the existing condition of the play equipment

✓ Packaging and preparing playground equipment for transport

✓ Arranging for storage if necessary

✓ Play site relocation preparation work

✓ Transport and re-assemble, re-install all equipment at the new site


It’s a mistake to have someone else dis-assemble the playground equipment. All too often when this happens parts go missing, the equipment is not packed correctly and ends up damaged. The client’s cost to have the playground relocated just increased. When are team is relocating a play area we do our best to extract and preserve all equipment parts. From experience and because we have done this service dozens of times we can tell you apart or two will break. Over the years we have built relationships with playground product manufacturers, allowing us to quickly order replacement parts.


We will take photos and we recommend you take photos as well. The more images of each playground equipment being taken apart to move and reinstall, the better. 

Do you need to have someone relocate your play area and equipment? Ask our Playground Sales and Services department – Call us (415) 892-8100 and leave the Playground Relocation to us. Contact us today.

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