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Playground Site Preparation

Playground Site Preparation begins at the job site

Playground Site Preparation

Community Playgrounds is a full-service playground installer. Our playground site preparation begins at the job walk.


✓ Playground Demolition

✓ Play Area Excavation

✓ Site Grading Services


What sets us apart from other playground design businesses, is we are a construction playground contractor. The experience we bring to a client is the years and the thousands of sites our managers have prepared for installation, some simple and many challenging. From removing boulders, tree stumps, and roots to hauling in dirt to create and landscape a natural-looking barrier for age-appropriate play zones. There probably isn’t a challenge we haven’t accepted nor had to face. 


When we attend a job walk


At the first site visit, we can immediately assess the playground site preparation needs, unlike the other playground companies that only sell products and do not install equipment. Our design-build team and project manager layout the entire play area ready for the build, communicating with the client, so they and everyone understands where the construction staging area and the waste materials [spoils] area will be. A staging area’s ideal placement is in close proximity to the playground build, as well as the waste material area. It’s the responsibility of the project manager to keep these areas safely away from foot traffic and parking areas. Crews remove the materials spoils either the day of or as soon as possible.


During installation Community Playground team’s objective is minimal interruption to the ownership or business’ tenants’ operations.

For this reason, we ask the ownership or property management group cooperation with informing all tenants and employees that Community Playgrounds will be on-site using equipment that may be noisy and limiting access to portions of the property. 

Playground Site Preparation begins at the job site
Excavating by hand play area ready for the build
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