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Installation Services

Turn-key Playground Installation Services

Playground Installation Services: Community Playgrounds provides full turn-key Installments

Our playground installation services provide client’s with a thorough understanding of cost. As play area builders, we acknowledge that public and private donations and fundraisers often fund new and existing playground construction. Thus, the Community Playgrounds project estimator and project manager will establish a scope of work (if the client has not provided one) and align it with the preliminary project budget for approval by the client. The budget must include all related costs, such as:


• Site Prep and Excavating
• Surfacing Choices
• Full-Service Installation
• Playground Equipment
• Building Permits
• Phased Additions
• Freight and Tax
• Landscaping
• Future Maintenance


Playground installation services require an understanding of simple and complex design-build methods. Creating a play area that compliments its surroundings, whether that’s with nature, surrounding buildings or both is all apart of what Community Playground can do. From start to finish our experts manage every aspect of your playground installation, including site amenities. No playground is complete without bike racks, picnic tables, benches, garbage cans, and signage.


Four [4] Elements of Design Components for Successful Playground Installation Services:


1. Measuring – Having the correct length and width establishes what playground equipment can be installed
2. Safety Zones – Sets the guideline for safe play on each equipment
3. Age Groups – Different ages have different skills and abilities
4. Color – Invites play. Play Structures come in a variety of color

Turn-key Playground Installation Services
Playground Installation Services include adding safe play surface material
Play Area Builders experts at Community Playground provide Playground Installation Services

A play area builders team project estimator and a play area builders team project manager will work with the client to meet the project budget. Together they will bring additional value to the playground installation service’s masterplan. Everyone is working toward the same goal; to build a safe play area that meets all industry certifications. 

Play Area Builders install surface material
Site preparation begins for playground installation services
Playground Installation Services by Community Playgrounds servicing San Francisco Bay Area and LA

Not sure where to begin? Ask our Playground Installation Services Sales Representative. Call us (415) 892-8100 and leave the Playground Construction to our professionals. Message us from our Contact us page

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